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For and By Alumni

Alumni Quotes and Writings

What Parents Say

Videos and Slideshows


Alumni Quotes

Essay: Azriel R., ITTA '07 (עברית)

Essay: Shira E., ITTA '07

Essay: Amitai H.B, ITTA '07

Essay: Miriam K., ITTA '06

Essay: Naama G., ITTA '06

Essay: Daniella Z., ITTA '06

Letter: Sarah A., ITTA '06 (עברית)

Poem: Yael G., ITTA '05

Parents Quotes

Parent Letter: S. Tyberg

Parent Letter: G. Peled

Parent Letter: R. Ostrin

Parent Letter: D. Grossbaum

Parent Letter: M. Kehat

View Photos from ITTA 07 & 08 and Alumni events!

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View Slideshows from Past Summers

Words of Torah prepared by Yoni Witkin, ITTA '07

Udi Hammerman:
Remember to Dream, Rosh Hashana 5769

Harmony in Nature, Harmony in us, Tu B'shvat 5768

Yannai Kranzler:
Nature and Torah, Shavuot, 5768

Yael Ukeles: Trekking the Land: The Long Road from Egypt, Pesach 5768


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