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Enjoy the following words by a few of the many grateful parents of Derech Hateva's Israel Trail Teen Adventure participants:

Dear Yael, et al,

Isaac had an amazing summer and Seth and I are enjoying the slow but steady stream of stories of what it was like in "the great outdoors." Isaac's growth through his experiences have been phenomenal--he is much more willing to be helpful, responsible and open-minded. Thanks for everything...

K'tivah vhatima tova to all,
Jennifer Ash Haberman

(Isaac's Mother, ITTA08)

Dear Yael and Derech Hateva staff,

Once again, Naftali and I would like to thank you for an amazing summer for our son Elliot. He was challenged and enlightened. He learned and laughed. He grew both physically and emotionally. Keep up the good work!!

Ryna and Naftali Lustig
(Elliot parent's, ITTA07)

Dear Derech Hateva,

Nomi and I are about to travel in a couple of hours (plane with suitcases , not trail with packs) and I've been thinking about all of you - the staff of Derech Hateva, and I wanted to say how grateful we are for all that you contributed to my daughter's well-being and growth and life experience -- thank you so much for all that you each do!
Best, Debbi Cooper
(Nomi's Mother, ITTA07)

Dear Yael,

I just wanted to thank you for giving Yoni the summer of his life!

Avi Witkin
(Yoni's Father, ITTA07)

Dear Derech Hateva,

Ephraim came back a new kid with unprecedented direction in his life and a beautiful optimism and self-confidence. Thank you so much Derech Hateva. He is now excelling in a very Israeli school despite all the language issues and part of his success is definitely thanks to the skills and outlook he gained during his summer with you.

Sara-Malka Laderman
(Ephraim's Mother, ITTA06)


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