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ITTA Slideshows!

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Israel Trail Teen Adventure 2012      For teens aged 14-18
Session I: Female Groups: July 2 - July 31* Male Groups: July 1 - July 31*
Session II: Female Groups & Male Groups: August 5 - August 19*
Registration is open for Session I! CHOOSE YOUR GROUP & APPLY TODAY.

Hike, bike, climb and swim your way across Israel together with teens from North America, Israel and around the world on this summer's Israel Trail Teen Adventure (ITTA)! With all of your belongings on your back, walk the Land, connect with Israel's beautiful landscape, and challenge yourself as you learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness.

Prepare to traverse mountains and valleys, splash through crystal-clear riverbeds and climb up steep, rocky cliffs. Get ready to trek through the desert with camels and sleep nights under a mesmerizing blanket of stars. Live outdoors, mountain bike in the hills, navigate the woods.

Experience sweet tranquility as you celebrate Shabbat outside. Learn what Judaism has to say about nature and the outdoors. And be inspired.

Join us on ITTA 2012. You will learn to lead, to follow, to initiate and to listen. You will work as a team, supporting your peers and being supported. You will stretch your comfort zone, summit peak after peak after peak- and be overcome with true well-earned reward. And oh yeah, you'll have an amazing time.

So ditch the bus window, and see Israel through unobstructed eyes. Lace up your boots, and load up your pack for the journey of a lifetime. Internalize the reality that obstacles and fear are mere illusions, go beyond your limitations, take off and let fly.

Space are limited- Register for ITTA 2012 today. The mountains, valleys, hills, riverbeds and stars are out there waiting.

Average group size is 8-12 participants with 2-3 guides.

Registration is open for both Session I & Session II!
Please choose a group and follow a link below to apply and learn more

Hermon Group        Meiron Group        Tavor Group        Arbel Group

*Dates subject to change, though not likely


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