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Summer 2010

Israel Trail
Teen Adventure (ITTA)

Post-Birthright and
College-Age Trips

Derech Hateva offers programs that integrate outdoor & nature education, Jewish learning & living and community service with the Land and People of Israel. Programs include:

  • The Israel Trail Teen Adventure (ITTA): A month-long backpacking trip in Israel for American and Israeli teens. Now Accepting Applications!
    Learn more
  • Post-Birthright and College-Age Programs, Learn More
  • Custom Modular Programs: These shorter-term programs are offered for groups such as visiting high schools, families, and synagogues. They can stand alone or be integrated into a group's existing program. Examples of possible trips are listed on this page.

  • Derech Hateva offers its participants the opportunity to gain outdoor living and LNT (Leave No Trace) skills, leadership & teamwork skills, learn about ecology, and gain an intimate knowledge of the Land of Israel.

    Derech Hateva offers a multitude of nature-focused, outdoor activities. Each activity is integrated with a custom designed curriculum that fuses texts and initiatives along a specific relevant theme in the context of the natural world and the participants' interests.

    Activities Include:
    * Backpacking
    * Biking
    * Hiking
    * Desert Treks
    * Camping
    * Ropes Courses
    * Rock Climbing
    * Orienteering

    to the
    effort is
    the reward"
    (Mishna Avot)
    Longer and more challenging programs provide more of an opportunity for participants to gain a sense of self-confidence & responsibility and to improve decision making and communication skills, both individually and as a group.
    "Who is wealthy?
    He who is
    happy with
    his part."
    (Mishna Avot)
    Programs explore themes such as motivation, attitude, and challenge towards understanding the relationship between process and goal - i.e. 'what is the relationship between what I bring to any experience and what I will take away?' These ideas are explored in terms of the participants' experience - how they view each step, or making a mistake, what they put in their backpacks and their outlook on a journey or in life.

    Programs Include:
    Name Description Program Duration
    Yam L'Yam Expand yourself while hiking the breadth of Israel from
    the Kinneret to the Mediterranean
    3.5 Days, 2 Nights
    Midbar Midaber Discerning our voices in the Judean Desert 3 Days, 2 Nights
    Aliyah La'Regel Ascending to Jerusalem in the steps of our ancestors 3 Days, 2 Nights
    The Masada Circuit Approach Masada & yourself from a new perspective 1 Day, 1 Night*
    The Seven Species 7 day-trips & activities about the Land & the number 7 7 Days (individual)
    Har L'Yam 3 day backpacking adventure in the Eilat Mountains 3 Days, 2 Nights
    Shirat Ha'Teva Interactive outdoor seminar on nature & prayer 1 Day, 1 Night*
    Hands-On Holidays Experiential day-long programs that explore in depth, a particular aspect of a holiday and how it relates to theLand of Israel. e.g.- SUKOT: Learn, Hike, Pick your Etrog 1 Day
    Mayim Chaim Explore the role of water, physically & spiritually, during
    this Negev Desert wilderness trek. Camels optional.
    3 Days, 2 Nights
    Shabbat B'Teva Learn texts & techniques to celebrate Shabbat in nature 2 prep seminars
    2 days, 2 nights

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