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KEHILLAT NATAN - In memory of J.J. Greenberg z'l
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Kehillat Natan 2008-2009 Fellows:

The following are current fellows in Derech Hateva's Kehillat Natan Program 2008-2009. They participated in the Israel Trail Teen Adventure program during the summer of 2008, and have since drawn from their experience to create educational programs in their respective communities which they are currently implementing.

Bazazew Shumet

I was born in a city called Baharda in Ethiopia. Before making aliyah to Israel in 2004, my family moved out of the city, to a village and back to the city again. now we live in Rishon L'tzion. I love movies and hope to be an actor some day. this past summer's experience on ITTA, was particularly cool because I had the chance to meet American Jewish teens my age and hang out with them.

Benny Abaye

I made aliyah when I was 9 years old from Ethiopia. My family moved to Petach Tikva. I like to play soccer and basket ball around Yemin Orde, my boarding school. This summer I improved my leadership skills and realized how important it is to be able to move a group from point A to B using navigational skills.

Messeret Zemene

I made aliyah in 2005 from Ethiopia with my mother. Many of my cousins and all my grandparents are still there. We now live in Bat Yam, just outside of Tel Aviv. I like to watch movies and hang out with my family and friends when I have the time. I learned how to prepare for Shabbat in the wilderness and enjoyed learning about the Parshat Hashavua each week.

Havtam Eingda

I made aliyah with my family in 2005 from Ethiopia. There we lived in a village, then walked for 3 days to the city of Gandar before coming here. At first we lived in an absorption center in Ashkelon and then moved to Petach Tikva. I like to read books, listen to music and play with my friends during my free time. I learned so much this summer, really improved my leadership skills and realized that everything in this world has meaning & purpose.

Feben Taraga

In 2001 I made aliyah to Israel with my family. We lived outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and now we live in Netanya. I enjoy singing and listening to music in my free time. What I appreciated most from the hike this summer was the quiet and the solitude I found in nature.

Ofra Boim

I am from Kfar Mimon, in the south of Israel. I like to read, hike and exercise sometimes and play on the computer. I now know the land of Israel much better after the summer's hike and made incredible friends that I keep in touch with.

Mor Saada

I was born in Israel and have lived my entire life in Ma'agalim, a small town in the south of Israel near the Gaza Strip. I enjoy reading books and playing on the computer. My favorite experience from this summer's hike was the desert component. I love learning about camels and walking with them.


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