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KEHILLAT NATAN - In memory of J.J. Greenberg z'l
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Kehillat Natan 2007-2008 Fellows:

The following are current fellows in Derech Hateva's Kehillat Natan Program 2007-2008. They participated in the Israel Trail Teen Adventure program during the summer of 2007, and have since drawn from their experience to create educational programs in their respective communities which they are currently implementing.

Alex Gulisashvili

Alex Gulisashvili made Aliyah to Israel from Georgia (formerly Georgian SSR) in 2005, and came to the youth village "Yemin Orde" which is in northern Israel in the Carmel Mountains. For these two years, Yemin Orde has been both his home and school. He is now in 12th grade. Last year, when Alex was told he could sign up for a program on "Shvil Yisrael" (the Israel Trail), he joined enthusiastically as it was always his dream to hike on the Israel Trail. He feels that he learned how to live and conduct himself in the outdoors. He very much enjoyed his experience, especially the beautiful landscapes and the amazing people. Alex hopes utilize all he gained from the program, specifically by initiating environmental projects in Yemin Orde.

Uriel Mansur

Uriel Mansur lives in Moshav Pduyim in the Negev. He is in the 9th grade and studies in Kiryat Noar in Jerusalem. His family has a small milking business and Uriel helps his father take care of the animals whenever he goes home. Through the framework of Kehillat Natan, and following his ITTA '07 summer trip, Uriel would like to increase awareness in his moshav to the importance of water conservation, especially in the dry Negev area. Over the course of the year he hopes to use the skills he learned over the summer to run activities through Bnei Akiva and other organizations. He also hope to teach his family and friends a more efficient way of using the moshav's water and reduce waste in the future.

Masresha Gberie

Masresha Gberie was born in Ethiopia, and came to Israel when he was 14 years old. His family currently lives in Beit Shemesh, and Masresha goes to school at Yemin Orde, a dormitory school near Haifa. Through his participation in ITTA '07, Masresha learned how to relate to one's environment. He enjoyed the group dynamic which was very supportive, "like brothers." Masresha hopes to incorporate all that he learned on this program into his community at Yemin Orde and in Beit Shemesh.

Michael Sulimanov

Michael Sulimanov is 15 and in 10th grade. He was born in Russia and moved to Israel when he was five years old. Michael now lives in Tel Aviv. He likes playing sports like soccer, basketball, and biking. Michael participated in ITTA '07 and loved seeing the landscapes of Israel. Bonding with the group, including participants from both Israel and abroad, was an important part of the trip for Michael. They supported each other throughout the challenging journey. This year, Michael hopes to integrate his new outdoor skills and environmental knowledge into his own life and that of his community.

Angudai Avka

Angudai was born in Ethiopia and made Aliyah 6 years ago with her family. She has seven siblings, six of whom live at home in Rishon L'Zion, and one older sister who is married with kids of her own. Last year, Angudai graduated from Yemin Orde, a high school for olim chadashim (new immigrants) near Haifa. She participated in Derech Hateva's Israel Trail Teen Adventure summer program last summer and had a rewarding experience. Currently Angudai is in the Israel Defense Force in basic training. She is interested in building bridges to connect what she learned over the summer into her present army life.

Atzede Tarfa

Last summer Atzede was on the Israel Trail Teen Adventure and loved it. Her experiences on the trail helped her prepare for her army service. Right now she is in a training course in the IDF. Atzede hopes to share some of the ideas she learned from this past summer into the army framework by influencing her peers and eventually her soldiers, whom she will be training. Atzede attended Yemin Orde high school in the north of Israel with some of the other participants on the program. Her family came from Ethiopia originally and now lives in Rishon L'Zion. Atzede has five brothers and three sisters.


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